Project Transportation


NMT Lojistik can undertake on a turn-key basis the works of its business and logistics solution partners that are in the form of special project works.

The works requiring special-type containers, special-type vehicles, and special-type transportations, such as factory transports, and car transports, and services such as chartering ships, providing block trains, special-type cranes, renting lowbeds, and making available all the equipment at the designated location and time take place within the scope of this subject.


  • Transportation of cargoes via special-type containers, other than the ones with standard factory container dimensions

  • Transportation of heavy-weight and wide-dimension cargoes with special-type vehicles

  • Evaluation of every cargo based on its own characteristics; and safe carriage of such cargoes by making necessary preparations through approved methods after evaluating every transportation alternatives and their costs.

  • Transportation of transformers, cranes, entire facilities, heavy machinery, and heavy iron / steel cargos

  • Chartering lowbeds and ships when necessary

  • Permission-requiring transports

  • Timely and Regularly Delivery of Documents

  • Reliable, fast, and affordable services